No two golfers are built alike and each of us learns in a different way. Some are more visual than others -- they like to see the golf swing and imitate it. Others are more feel-oriented (kinesthetic) -- they need to feel the positions in the golf swing. Golfers also have a lifetime of different experiences that might include previous golf instruction. Because of each person's unique experiences, learning styles and physicalities, I use a student-centered approach to teaching, working with individual students and the golf swings that are unique to them. A one-size-fits-all approach to teaching does not benefit the student golfer, so each lesson is as unique as the individual.

I offer a variety of learning and coaching programs to fit different needs. Private lessons are available in half-hour and hour increments. Group lessons are also available throughout the season. I also offer learn-to-play programs that combine instruction at the practice areas with some on-course coaching. Finally, I'm developing guided practice and coaching programs for later in the season and some fitness programs. Keep checking here for updates or sign up for my newsletter (which is also a work in progress at this point).